Water is Taught by Thirst (Submerge), 2015 - 5 video montages

295 John St (at Adelaide St.)

I created a video suite to be permanently screened on the outstanding Speech Bubble screen/sculpture designed by Toronto-based artists Marman and Borins, commissioned by Pinnacle on Adelaide, with the guidance of Public Art Management. Submerge will be screened on rotation alongside videos by Marman and Borins, Gordon Douglas Ball, and Dan Browne

Water, is Taught by Thirst (Submerge), 2015 is a visceral experience of timeless interconnectivity between humans, nature, animals and technology - relaying the notion that one extreme cannot exist or be appreciated without the other; that we only truly know the value of something, once we are without it, and balance is everything.There is an inherent irony in the process and output itself: the overly saturated colours and filters are inspired by nature, yet nowhere near natural. The raw footage of nature is being recorded in its purest form by a human using modern technology, then filtered and manipulated, only to be shown on a video screen back in the outdoors. Everything is cyclical; everything is connected. The woven together video clips and title are inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem written in the late 1800ʼs. In an increasingly individualized society, this video (and poem) draw attention to the ying and yang of the everyday. Without a past, there is no present; without the present, there is no future.

Water, is taught by thirst.

Land – by the Oceans passed.

Transport – by throe –

Peace – by its battles told –

Love, by Memorial Mold –

Birds, by the Snow.